At JBLTH, our goal is to make the experience of designing your home the best it can be.

We have broken down the process into manageable steps and provide a wealth of support along the way, from our in-house design department and partner network of architects to our distributors who are here to help you find the right home plan. We are with you every step of the way.

This guide provides a selection of our floor plans, representing some of our most popular homes in a wide range of styles, sizes and features. We have many more plans available through our distributors. Renderings and floor plans in this guide are artistic depictions and do not necessarily portray updates or changes in the plans. Please refer to actual working drawings for more detail.

We always welcome the challenge of customizing any of our plans to suit your needs. Please note that many of our plans can be adapted to accommodate special needs or accessibility issues. We can provide the expert consultation to turn your wishes, needs, tastes and budget into a plan that works for you. Whatever your dream home looks like, Barna can make it a dream come true.

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Adventure Series Cabins are Backed by America’s Log Home Leader, Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes. Click here to see our small cabin plans.


Sequoia details
1,439 sq.ft. (135 SQM)

Briar Ridge

Briar Ridge details
1,513 sq.ft. (141 SQM)

Arbor Ridge

Arbor Ridge details
1,642 sq.ft. (152 SQM)


Brookstone details
1,645 sq.ft. (153 SQM)


Monticello details
1,694 sq.ft. (157 SQM)


Wildwood details
1,744 sq.ft. (162 SQM)

Birch Creek

Birch Creek details
1,847 sq.ft. (172 SQM)

Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge details
1,919 sq.ft. (178 SQM)


Arrowhead details
1,965 sq.ft. (183 SQM)

Autumn Ridge

Arrowhead details
2,215 sq.ft. (205 SQM)

Copper Falls

Copper Falls details
2,240 sq.ft. (208 SQM)

Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove details
2,322 sq.ft. (216 SQM)


Whitewater details
2,428 sq.ft. (225 SQM)


Cambridge details
2,466 sq.ft. (229 SQM)

Honey Creek

Honey Creek details
2,601 sq.ft. (242 SQM)

Coral Ridge

Coral Ridge details
2,627 sq.ft. (244 SQM)

Falcon Ridge

Falcon Ridge details
3,285 sq.ft. (225 SQM)


Laurelbrooke details
3,320 sq.ft. (308 SQM)


Laurelbrooke details
3,636 sq.ft. (338 SQM)

Bluff Pointe

Bluff Pointe details
4,856 sq.ft. (451 SQM)