• Our complete selection of Log Profiles, Log Sizes and Building Systems as well as Matching Log Siding to all log systems allow Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes customers maximum design flexibility;
  • Our Premium graded Eastern White Pine* Log Systems – offering the best insulation value amongst softwood species – are kiln dried to minimize moisture content (Yellow Pine, Cedar and Cypress also available);
  • In the final step of the process, the logs are Pre-Cut, following the Log Assembly Drawings (Cut-sheet) specifications.
  • Graded logs, Kiln-Drying, Pre-cutting, Profiled Corner Notches and Comprehensive Hardware Package make Jim Barna’s log homes reliably stronger and more energy efficient.
  • Pre-cut round rafter and beam systems upon customers’ preference and budget.


Our full Round Log System, available is 6 ½”, 8”, 9”, 10” and 12” diameter logs, provides the traditional aesthetic harmony of round logs both on the exterior and interior walls of a Jim Barna home. For incomparable structural strength in building, this system utilizes saddle notch corners (with tongues and grooves running through the notch). The full round system is started with a base log and finished with a top plate on every other wall (These base logs and top plates consist of full logs split half horizontally).


The name “D-Log” denotes the shape of the log element as viewed from the end of the log element. This log has a round surface on the exterior side of the log identical to our full round log and has a flat surface on the inside surface of the log element. A JBLTH log home constructed with D-log elements has a similar appearance on the outside of the building to a JBLTH log home constructed with full round log elements, however, the interior surface of the log home will have a flat surface with a small bevel of “V” between the log courses. The D-Log System utilizes saddle notch corners similar to those for the full round log system for incomparable structural strength.


The Square Log System uses the JBLTH log-on-log concept with dovetail notches. The Square Log System uses square log elements manufactured from 6”x12” or 8”x12” or 9”x12” or 10”x12”. The square log elements can have a plane, or machine-hewn or hand-hewn surface appearance based on customer preference and will have incorporated into its configuration the JBLTH double tongue and groove system. The exterior surface of the Square Log System will not require chinking. However, the standard square log element has an indention on the exterior and interior surface at each layer joint that is suitable for simulated chinking. A V-groove is available as an optional exterior and/or interior groove.


In this log system, the customer has the option of buying the Half Log System for exterior or interior use or both and to create an energy efficient insulated home with rustic half log cladding. A feature of the JBLTH Half Log System is that on the exterior half log wall the corners are a full log. As with our other log systems, the Half Log System is started with a base log and finished with a top plate on every other wall.


  • Subfloor framing
  • Subfloor sheathing
  • Deck support posts treated
  • Deck framing treated
  • 5/4 Decking treated
  • 8” Round, or D pine logs
  • Exposed Girder & Heavy Timber upper beams
  • 2” T&G Second floor sheathing
  • 2x4 gable & dormer wall framing
  • 7/16 OSB wall sheathing
  • Matching Exterior log siding for dormers & gables
  • Ridge & Girder support posts
  • Exposed Heavy Timber rafters
  • 1” T&G roof sheathing
  • First layer of roof underlayment
  • Two layers insulation (R38)
  • 5/4 furring strips
  • 5/8 OSB roof sheathing
  • Second layer of roof underlayment
  • Wood windows & exterior doors (upgrades available)
  • Exterior 1x6 trim
  • Drip cap & subfloor trim
  • Exposed Heavy Timber porch rafters, beams & posts
  • 2” T&G porch roof sheathing
  • Roof underlayment
  • 1x & 2x Fascia


  • All of the items in the Standard Package, plus
  • Interior partition wall framing
  • Interior Sculptured trim & baseboard
  • Interior 6 -panel solid wood doors
  • 2x Interior stairs
Residential & Large
Residential & Large
Residential & Medium & Large
Residential & Medium & Large
Residential & Small & Cabin
Residential & Small & Cabin